1. The Dance

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14. Binkie Pleasure
By age two, the dance is becoming verbal as well as vocal. What better way to dance with a two-year-old than to dance him through a delightful fantasy of picking out his own pacifier at the store and enjoying it in his own bed? It's called a Guided Fantasy, and it has magical power.

At this age, you can pace them with words. This two-year-old boy is being Future-paced into a Guided Fantasy of picking out a pacifier of his own choosing and enjoying it in his own bed.


Sure! I think that's a nice idea! Would you like two paci's? What does he call it?

(Child, staring intently at the doctor)) Yeah!

(Mom) Pacifier.

Would you like two pacifiers?

(Child, smiling) Yeah!

OK! Maybe you could go pick one out with Mommy sometime at the store. You could go to the store and look at all the pacifiers and pick a nice one—


—that you would like.



(Mom) Do you think you'd like to help me pick out one for the baby?

(Child) Yeah!

(Mom) Yeah, we did that before he was born!

Then he could decide each night which one he wants.

(Child, emphatically) In the bed!

In the bed! Right?

(Mom) With Ernie?

(Doctor) Yeah! OK!

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