1. The Dance

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12. The Meaning of Shh!
You can Pace a baby into Comfort by using the soothing sound of rushing water. Later, you can make sure that your own voice always has that soothing quality. They may never know why they always feel so comfortable around you, but you will know! Practice it until you do it automatically.


Does she like rattling paper?

(Dad) I don't know!

For many kids, this (doctor demonstrates rattling paper)—this sound has an obsessive quality to it. It's the sound of the blood rushing through the aorta and the placenta.

(Mom) O-oh!

And you can sometimes hypnotize a kid by turning on the tap full force—"Sssshhhh!"

(Dad) Ahh! That's right! She likes her head washed! Under the tap!

(Mom) Yeah! That's one thing we were wondering about. She loves water running on her head.

Yeah! That's why Moms always say, "Shh!" "Shh!" That's where that comes from.

(Dad) Ahh!

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