1. The Dance

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5. Babies Dance to Speech
This baby is in classic Intake Mode, with arms in the Embracing position, moving in synch with Mom's voice and her movements, and even echoing the pitch, loudness, and duration of her voice.


(Mom) I wanted to see what I could see, and I haven't been able to see yet.

It takes a trained eye. You do have to practice.

And you said they will move their hands or their head or something, as you—


—at the sound of your voice? (Mom makes a twirling gesture with her right hand, index finger extended.)

Um-hmm. He's in classic Intake Mode now. See this? Just like this—dancing around! (Infant reorients his body from Mom to doctor, looks at doctor, makes broad "embracing" gesture with both arms, and moves arms and upper body in synch with the syllables of doctor's speech)

(Mom nods "Yes.")

And his eyes are moving and—

Doctor does slow face approach with "Da-da-da" vocalization. Infant responds by attending, blinking, and echoing back the vocalization at about same pitch, loudness, and duration.)

(To Mom) Did you see that?

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