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1. "Silly Goose"
This 4 3/4 year old girl enjoys banter with a slightly competitive edge. She likes to win the argument. She moves right in to take control of the situation by announcing that her bunny has an ear infection, too. The doctor joins her in the fantasy of her bunny having an ear infection and utilizes the fantasy to examine the bunny's ears and her own ears without resistance. He lets her have the say-so as to whether there is an infection present. She is in charge of the fantasy and enjoys the feeling of being in control of the examination.

Her choice of "Silly goose" as the name for her bunny says something about her basic attitude. The doctor shies away from challenging her name choice but carries the "silly" theme forward with a silly request, "Let's see if your teeth have an ear infection!" She joyfully debunks the doctor's silly idea but is having so much fun that she opens wide to show him her teeth, and she shows off her intelligence by referring to them as her "six-year molars."

See if you can identify four or more interventions in this segment.




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