Babies really are different. They come equipped with different styles that are their very own. It doesn't really matter whether they are born that way or have learned a certain way of reacting. What does matter is for you to recognize and respect their style. Then your interventions can be designed to be effective without doing violence to their natural tendencies.

There's no fixed number of styles or basic temperaments. Each baby has his own, and it's up to you to recognize it. The cases presented here are just a few examples. This infant, for example, is avid to investigate and explore the world.

1. That Killer Frown
2. Easy-Going
3. Initial Positive
4. Cuddlers
5. Back Off
6. Bulldozer Type
7. Mad Cry
8. Such A Boy
9. Naturally Loud
10. Fearless Stare
11. Uptight Grunters
12. Don't Interrupt!
13. I Vant To Be Alo-o-one!
14. That Come-Hither Look
15. Outward Bound



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