23. Pacing
fr_20203a_1XXIII. PACING
Pacing involves stepping into the other person's world and walking with that other person in his world, not yours. It allows the other person to sense that you fully realize and understand how he or she feels and thinks about the situation.

Pacing often leads to the child moving rather promptly into the Yes-Set.

There is probably no limit to the number of ways to pace another person.

Merely adjusting the pitch and tone and rhythm of your voice to match that of the other person is a powerful form of pacing. As the proverb says, "A soft answer turneth away wrath."

New mothers instinctively Pace to their infant by pitching their voice an octave higher when speaking to them.

Moving your body in the same way as the other person is a subtle form of pacing.

Being interested in the same things they are interested in is pacing. "Oh, I see you are doing X!"

This Master Strategy is an important component of most of the other strategies.

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10. Pacing to Tray-Pound



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