5. Competency Challenge

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V. Competency Challenge
Competency Challenge has a special appeal for kids as young as two and as old as—well, certainly into the twenties and thirties! It's almost a compulsion. If used discreetly it can be called on for results on many occasions.

A two-year-old will triumphantly prove to you that he can so pull off his own socks. You can increase the power of this tactic by mixing it up with a humorously outrageous inquiry: Can you pull them off and ball them up and throw them on the floor so they land on your shoes? The delight in doing something new and harmlessly outrageous combines with the delight in showing off one's competence to one's elders in a synergy that puts real drive and pizzazz into the whole performance.

1. Can You
2. Wait For Me
3. Big Enough
4. The Most Fascinating Words
5. It Works on Big Kids, Too



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