If Monty Roberts can tame a skittish mustang in 20 minutes without using force and coercion, certainly we parents can raise our children in the same gentle, caring manner. It's just a matter of knowing how.

The hundreds of Tactics and Strategies described in this web program can be roughly grouped into thirty Interventions or Techniques, more or less. (There is no set number of such Interventions. These are just the ones that the author happened to recognize in the cases presented here.) The purpose of this Section is simply to provide a few illustrative examples of each category.

A Tactic is something that you can go and do now.

A Strategy is a general principle to guide you in thinking up a Tactic.

And Higher Goals are the kind of higher-level results you would like to see happen as the result of your Tactics.

Motivation drives us, but it's techniques that make it possible. Read on!

1. Anticipation
2. Body Logic
3. Breaking It Up
4. Call in the Marines
5. Competency Challenge
6. Distance and Closeness
7. Distraction
8. Doing the Twist
9. Encouraging Regression
10. Environmental Control
11. Extinction by Repetition
12. Future Pacing
13. Humor
14. Indirect Approach
15. Losing Your Marbles
16. Modeling
17. Mystery, Puzzlement, and Confusion
18. Natural Consequences
19. Nonevents
20. Not-Doing
21. Operant Conditioning
22. Options
23. Pacing and Leading
24. Playing both Sides
25. Plopping on their Perch
26. Professional Help
27. Reframing (Toying with the Reality)
28. Shaking the Foundations
29. Too Much of a Good Thing
30. Triggering Resistance
31. Utilization



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