22. Sphincters
fr_05212_1XXII. IT'S NOT "TRAINING"!
First of all, it's not "training." Not at all! It's two entirely separate and distinct things:

(1) the achievement of voluntary control of two different sphincters, and

(2) the decision to go along with parental expectations about when and where.

You can't get (2) until the child has achieved (1). And you still can't get (2) until the child is sure that it is his own decision.

After all, it's his own body and he really does have the final say.

1. Benevolent Detachment
2. It's Her Thing
3. Always on the Pot
4. Sitting Buddha
5. You Supply the Potty
6. The Zen of Potty Skills
7. Inlaw Pressure
8. Safety Valve
9. Dad Is Mad
10. Benevolent Detachment
11. Who's in Charge of This
12. Occasional Showers
13. Wets Pants, Then Complains
14. Pants-Poop
15. Potty-Phobia
16. Pees on the Floor
17. Get on His Side
18. Goes Too Often
19. Sympathy, Slow Service, and Cold Water



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