21. Sleeping and Waking
Kids usually have perfectly normal sleep/waking patterns—for kids. It's we adults who have the crazy life-style. Because we are children of the Industrial Revolution, we have made ourselves into working robots, who drive ourselves to the limit for sixteen hours a day and then frantically try to recuperate with eight hours of sleep at night. If we don't get our sleep, we can't perform well the next day and we start falling behind. And so we demand that our babies adapt to our adult needs by staying asleep eight hours at a stretch. Babies don't naturally do that, and neither do adults who are not dominated by the rigid time-clocks of industrial civilization.

But parents do need their sleep. Hence the strategies suggested in this chapter.

1. Study Their Pattern
2. A Certain Respect for Sleeping
3. A Lousy Sleeper
4. That Special Time
5. Won't Sleep in The Crib
6. Sleeps in Jumpy Seat
7. Mattress on The Floor
8. Cold Turkey
9. Success at Bedtime
10. Wakes to Play
11. Baby Radar
12. Jibbering and Jabbering
13. Dropping the Nap
14. Naps and Power
15. A Bed-Hopper
16. It's Just This Sleep Thing
17. Sleep With You
18. Stocking the Crib



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