14. Preferences and Choices
It seems odd that in a democracy one should have to defend the child's freedom to choose. If you as a parent feel threatened by that, perhaps you too were coerced in infancy. Think about it!

It is our job as parents to keep them from harm, but we also have the job of helping them exercise their right to make choices for themselves. We can teach them that it is OK for them to make at least some of their own decisions in life. That's a bigger goal than eating so much squash.

The next hurdle (for parents) is to learn some specific ways of responding to a child's expressed preferences. This Chapter provides some examples of how to do that.

1. Swaddling. Some Like It Not
2. No Cuddling
3. Her Kind of Music
4. No Head Bands
5. Things She Hates
6. Free To Choose1
7. Free to Choose2
8. A Mind of Her Own
9. They Understand Barter
10. Tastes and Textures
11. Taster Chooses
12. Resists Baby Food
13. Her Way or the Highway
14. A Liquid Diet and Then Some
15. Likes Daddy Better
16. Daddy's Girl
17. What About Gymnastics
18. No Underwear
19. Boundaries and Basic Trust
20. The Art of Parenthood



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