5. Babies Don't Just Cry
fr_06606a_1V. BABIES DON'T "JUST CRY."
Our culture has a deep-seated belief that "babies just cry." Crying is often the last resort of an infant who has been giving signals of increasing intensity—signals that the caretaker has not picked up on and has failed to respond to in an appropriate way. That kind of crying is best dealt with by noticing and responding to those earlier, less intense signals.

Colic, on the other hand, requires a planned approach.

1. Spoil Him Rotten
2. Rewarding Fussiness
3. It's Not Exactly Colic
4. Get Help
5. Hairtrigger1
6. Hairtrigger2
7. Five Hours1
8. Five Hours2
9. Five Hours3
10. Cries a Lot
11. Not-Doing
12. Don't Wait For Screams
13. That Swift Pain
14. How To Enjoy Getting Well



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