2. Anxiety, Fears, and Worries

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The list is long! And that's because anxiety can be attached to almost any circumstance of life. Recognizing it, acknowledging it, and responding appropriately, is a big part of parenting. Denying it, downplaying it, forcing it underground, is the response of parents who themselves may have been forced to endure anxiety without support. Break the chain!

How to recognize it? Take a good long look at the way this baby holds himself. Take a good long look at the expression on his face!

1. Once Hurt
2. She Freaked Out
3. It's Not Stranger Anxiety
4. It's Just Starting
5. Plop on Their Perch
6. Short Umbilical Cord
7. Mommy-Clinging1
8. Mommy-Clinging2
9. An Upside-Down Person
10. White-Coat Phobia
11. Clingy at Two
12. Just Too Clingy
13. Help Fight Monsters
14. Those Night Fears
15. Don't Get Down
16. Spankings Every Saturday
17. Scared of His Dad
18. Why Is He Upset
19. The Day-Care Door
20. Take The Strangeness Off
21. Shyness Is OK
22. Kindergarten Blues
23. Phones Home
24. Upset and The reasons Why1
25. Upset and The Reasons Why2



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