7. Feedback
All over the world, mothers and fathers and other caretakers reenact the ever-renewed miracle of loving communication with their children in innovative ways that seldom, if ever, get passed on to others who would gladly benefit from such knowledge. Hopefully this web site may serve as a gathering point where such knowledge can be collected and made available to all. If you have a special way of relating to your child that you are willing to share, or an elegant solution for dealing with one of the daily problems that parents face, please consider sending it in for inclusion here.

Submissions will be reviewed by Dr. Gall and/or a panel of professionals chosen for the purpose. Those that are judged to fall within the scope of this survey will be included in Feedback pages on this web site. Authors will be credited, but all submissions become the property of the web site proprietor (Dr. Gall).

Please include your contact information. Other comments may be submitted, and those that are considered to be of general interest may be made public.



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