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Dancing With Elves


General Systemantics Press Establishes Internet Presence now official website of General Systemantics Press

June 19, 2002 -- General Systemantics Press today unveiled their new website and internet headquarters at For over a quarter of a century, General Systemantics Press has published the landmark title SYSTEMANTICS - THE UNDERGROUND TEXT OF SYSTEMS LORE by John Gall, establishing the science of Systemantics with the first comprehensive look at the fundamental behavior of Systems. Accordingly, the text itself has fallen victim to the Foibles and Pitfalls of Systems, but has nonetheless been continually available from General Systemantics Press, and is now more conveniently available than ever.

More recently, General Systemantics Press published the acclaimed ELEGANT PARENTING - Strategies for the Twenty-First Century by John and Beth Gall. This comprehensive work offers more than sixty specific intervention strategies in a seminar-style format designed to help parents raise their children right the first time. Dr. Gall calls it "Parenting as a Performing Art" - you'll call it wonderful!

The new General Systemantics Press website includes a page for each of the above titles, plus pages for Dr. Gall's upcoming new titles to be released this summer, some already in print! Don't miss DANCING WITH ELVES, FIRST QUEEN, THE DOGGEREL LOVER'S BOOK OF BEASTS, and A TASTE OF VERSE, all available or coming soon to

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