Elegant Parenting
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Rachel Persico, M.S. (Clinical Psych.), M.S.W.

September 10, 1994

Dear Dr. Gall,

I would like to let you know how much I enjoyed reading your book "Elegant Parenting". I found it fascinating, entertaining and very educational.

I loved the way the book is structured, as a dialogue, which allows for questions, answers and personal stories. It is so well written, I simply could not put it down. I enjoyed the way things are explained, examples are given and then the explanation is repeated, all in a straightforward, simple, clear language.

Having read other child rearing books, I found your book to be revolutionary in its approach; it makes so much sense that one wonders how come all of this has not been said before and is not common knowledge. For example, the simple thing you say about "being consistent" which is so often preached to by others, you say that when something one tries to do does not work it would be foolish to consist with it. I loved the way you simply suggest changing strategies...

Your book allows for the humanity and fallibility of us all and has relieved me of an unrealistic need to be the perfect Mom. Also, I really appreciated the insights you give into the child's perceptions and point of view. I wish you had expanded on the actual gestures in which pre-verbal infants communicate.

I have tried some of your techniques with my 23 months old, Nadeem, and it actually works!

Thank you so much for this book, I can't wait for the sequel.


Rachel Persico

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